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Kombucha is like a energy drink, but without any of the shady ingredients.

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100% plant-based gourmet foods with an ingredients list we can all understand. Only the good, necessary stuff and nothing shady, ever. Made by thinking of the future & inspired by the past. 💅

Chiko in garlic oil

Marinated chickpea cheese blocks


Traditional tofu

Pure ingredients

We only use ingredients which come from good, rich soil and only the necessary ones. Nothing artificial or suspicious ever find it’s way into our food. Like butylated hydroxytoluene, f**k that! 🍆

High in nutrients

Food is energy. 🔥 Food rich in all the essential nutrients is what keeps our bodies alive, our mind sharp and our spirits high. Ingredients we use are teaming with that life energy.

Planet friendly

By dissecting all sorts of plant species in our lab and nurturing connections in local communities we make foods using just a fraction of earth’s resources, compared to popular practices. 🤝

Inspired by tradition

We are mindful of what the future holds for us, but our source of inspiration comes from the past. 👵 For example, our cheese is made using production principles traceable to the neolithic era.