Welcome to Kucha

A home where food lives.

Kucha is all about bringing back real food. 🤖 Looking into stores and restaurants, one could easily assume the food industry’s purpose isn’t to properly nourish people but to solely entertain taste buds. But this food spectacle comes at the price of our health and the health of our planet. We believe food needs to be responsibly grown and should make us feel good not only while eating but also afterward. That’s what real food should do and that’s the only kind of food we’re into making.

Community of idealists

A chef, artist, farmer, business person, botanist, microbiologist, student, dog and alien walk into a bar. There is no joke. That’s our community. Kucha was built by a group of overly idealistic enthusiasts from different wakes of life, who wish to bring back real food and possibly have a good laugh while doing it. 😅

Regionaly grown company

Direct connections with farmers assure the quality and freshness of food. Buying local is important, even if it raises costs. 🤑 It outweighs the hidden costs of long-distance transportation and the loss of nutrients as time and storage rob the produce of its vitality. We are proud of our network of 40+ hand-picked regional growers, who treat the food right, so it can treat us right back.

Creating a fair circle

If we are to grow food truly sustainably, we must take into account much more than just soil inputs and outputs. 🌱 In order to transfer the intelligence of nature via food into our bodies, we must consider the entire community in the cycle - air, water, soil, people, plants, forests, insects, birds, fish, ... - and make sure it’s fair to all parties involved.

Some future thoughts

In each period of history, as our species grows and gains new perspectives, we shed old ways to make way for the new. Like 500 years ago, when we had to accept that the universe does not revolve around Earth. And with some resistance, we did. Similarly, today we must accept the fact not everything revolves around us, and that a more responsible relationship with Earth is needed. 🌍

Our current ways have rendered the food system broken and even without looking at statistics we can see symptoms all around us. Real food is in the alternative market isle. We eat produce that travels thousands of miles while sending local food away. We make enough food to feed two populations with billions left hungry. We obsess over corn, dairy, animal protein and few other monocultures for questionable reasons and in schools teach kids advanced trigonometry before they can prepare a balanced meal. 💔

It does not have to be that way. As people, we can change our eating habits and drive the demand for responsibly grown food. As companies, we can raise our standards and create value, not just profit.It is our mission to help create a better food system, fair to all. It can be done by observing the entire food cycle and re-imagining each step with fresh, responsible eyes. And if we improve our relationship with Earth, ditch the anthropocentric world view and accept interdependence of all life, we just might have a good time in the future. 🎉